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RAON, the name of the heavy-ion accelerator, is a native Korean word meaning “Happy” or “Joyful”.

A Key reasearch facility of the Institute for Basic Science(IBS), the Rare Isotope Science Project(RISP) is intended to realize the key infrastructure of next-generation research on basic sciences in Korea.

The heavy-ion accelerating facility plays an important role in diverse global level research fields including the exploration of the origins of chemical elements, the discovery of and structural study of new isotopes, research on new materials using rare isotopes, and applied medical research. The research results of such basic and applied fields using the heavy-ion accelerator will contribute to the achievement of the important national agenda of Korea to join the club of nations advanced in basic research, such as the U.S, EU, and Japan.

For the successful construction of a world-class and hi-tech heavy-ion accelerator, the RISP is pursuing a systematic and scientific detailed design process by reviewing the technical and comprehensive validity of the conceptual design and is endeavoring to create an efficient environment for the construction of the accelerator by preparing organic cooperative systems at home and abroad and expert training support systems.

As a major rare isotope heavy-ion accelerator, RAON will provide world-class high-strength and high-performance rare isotope beams and produce outstanding research results in basic scientific studies and applied scientific developments that make use of these beams, thus leading global research. Thank you.

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