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  • 01 Comprehensive Plan for the International Science Business Belt confirmed (National Science and Technology Commission) Decision to install a heavy-ion accelerator as a massive research facility in the Science Belt.
  • 03 Research on the establishment of a plan for the construction of the heavy-ion accelerator Goals to be pursued, plans for construction and use, execution system, estimation of the budget, personnel, schedule, etc.
  • 03 Initiation of the conceptual design of the heavy-ion accelerator Conceptual design of the accelerating equipment and research making use of it, plans for the budget, personnel, schedule, international cooperation, etc.
  • 07 Execution of international consultation regarding the contents of the conceptual design and the business direction According to the results of the consultation, the uniqueness of the heavy-ion accelerator has been acknowledged, and for its efficient construction, the importance of cooperation with overseas accelerator research institutes such as CERN(EU) and the FRIB(US) has been emphasized.
  • 12 Selection of the director of the RISP (Professor Sun Kee Kim, Seoul National University)
  • 12 Appointment of the director of the RISP and initiation of the organization of the RISP
  • 12 Initiation of the project
  • 00
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