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IBS/RISP has openings for: Accelerator Scientist/Engineers
2012-06-20  ~  2012-08-31

Thinking about the Future of Basic Science.


IBS/RISP has openings for:

Accelerator Scientist/Engineers


The Institute for Basic Science (IBS) was established by the Korean government in November 2011 with the goal to create a world-class research institute in the basic sciences. IBS/RISP is to develop scientific and technical expertise and capabilities for the construction of a rare isotope accelerator complex (Rare Isotope Science Project, RISP) for nuclear physics, and medical and material science and applications.


The IBS/RISP is seeking for qualified applicants to work for Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP) at its headquarters office in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. The positions are at the level of research fellow, and postdoctoral research associates and accelerator engineers.  Persons with high-level research achievement, extensive experience in large scale accelerator facility construction are given higher priority. The starting date is as soon as possible.


The successful candidates will participate in the R&D and construction of accelerator systems for RISP.


If you have the appropriate skills and are looking for a diverse and interesting employment opportunity we encourage you to apply. IBS/RISP is an equal opportunity employer; all applicants will be considered on their merit. Salary and benefits will be decided upon negotiations with the Director of RISP and will become effective upon signing the contract.


Please send your application including CV and introduction to Ms. Y.H. LEE, RISP Director’s Office at the Institute for Basic Science, 70 Yuseong-daero 1689-gil Yusung-gu, Daejeon, Korea, 305-811 or e-mail to leeyh@ibs.re.kr. Applicants should arrange to have three letters of references sent to address or e-mail. Application deadline is August 31, 2012. Further information can be obtained by sending mail to leeyh@ibs.re.kr.


Deadline for applications: 31 August 2012


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