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The RISP of IBS-Korea University to cooperate on accelerator research and expert training

The IBS (President: Se-Jung Oh) and Korea University (President: Byoung-Chul Kim) have joined hands to conduct joint research on accelerators and to train experts for future industries. To achieve these goals, the IBS and Korea University announced on April 11, 2013 that they signed an MOU to establish IBS-KU Science Park on Korea university Sejong Campus and to jointly manage the Graduate School of Accelerator Science and a heavy ion accelerator research and development facility (henceforth “Raon R & D Laboratory”).


Through the agreement, the two institutions will collaborate on the establishment of the Graduate School of Accelerator Science and construct research and laboratory buildings on Korea University’s Sejong Campus, which is on the International Science Business Belt (ISBB) by 2014, train experts for accelerator-related future industries, conduct joint studies, and implement industry-academy cooperation. With the establishment in March 2014 of the Graduate School of Accelerator Science for the first time in Korea, the two institutions will train experts related to industry- academy collaboration in the field of accelerators, of which there are too few both at home and abroad. By introducing dual degree programs with renowned foreign universities and allowing students to complete half of their degree programs overseas in the future, the two institutions plan to contribute considerably to the training of global experts and the construction of a global network. In addition, the Raon R&D Laboratory, which will be completed on Korea University Sejong Campus by 2014, will house the cutting-edge Vertical Test Stand (VTS), which can test three accelerating devices at once. In the future, this facility is expected to be used as a major infrastructure not only for the construction of heavy ion accelerators but also for the development of next-generation accelerator R&D and entry into the international accelerator industry and market including the US and Europe.


Through the agreement, Korea University plans to actively promote not only research and education but also accelerator-related future industries. To achieve these goals, by implementing plans for the hosting of accelerator-related corporations and the development of specialized industrial complexes together with Sejong Special Self-Governing City, which is on the ISBB, Korea University is expected to contribute considerably to the establishment of the city’s position as a science belt zone in both name and dee

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